VisualDOC - A Flexible Design Optimization Software System

Dipankar K. Ghosh, John H. Garcelon, Vladimir Balabanov, Gerhard Venter and Garret N. Vanderplaats
8th AIAA/USAF/NASA/ISSMO Symposium at Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization, Long Beach, CA
Publication Date: 
Sep. 6-8, 2000

VisualDOC is a flexible design optimization study tool that helps coupling optimization capabilities with analysis programs. Here we present the VisualDOC capabilities, and some features that have been added recently. The VisualDOC system provides engineers the tools needed to perform optimization studies with analysis programs that may not have optimization capabilities yet. We briefly present the architecture of VisualDOC, and show how it can be used to perform design optimization. Users can link any analysis program with VisualDOC. We also present some applications where VisualDOC has been used or being used to perform design optimization. Because of the proprietary natures of these applications, we will not be able to provide many details, but still enough information will be provided to show the capabilities of VisualDOC.

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