Development of a Design Optimization Interface to LS-DYNA

Dipankar K. Ghosh and Garret N. Vanderplaats
5th International LS-DYNA Users Conference, Southfield, MI
Publication Date: 
Sep. 21-22, 1998

A design study tool called VisualDOC to couple optimization technology with LS-DYNA program is presented. A general methodology to interface optimization capabilities to LS-DYNA is available in VisualDOC. Here the user will open the appropriate window to edit LS-DYNA input and output files to create a catalog of variables and responses. The input file is used to create the catalog of possible design variables, and the output file is used to create the catalog of responses, which could be used as possible objective functions and/or constraints later in the optimization process. This is performed using a very flexible interactive approach. VisualDOC automatically generates the interface routine (in FORTRAN 77) to interface LS-DYNA with the VisualDOC optimization in a very friendly manner, and the user does not need to write a single line of computer code.

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