2008 VR&D Users Conference


VR&D will host our 2008 Users Conference to be held at Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey, California, April 28-30, 2008. This two-day forum is a gathering of the brightest talent in the industry. Our conference provides an opportunity for users of VR&D software to meet and share experiences, learn about solution processes, and discuss current and future products and technology.

The user conference is an opportunity for users to present papers and discuss optimization and design subjects with other users, our distributors, and VR&D's professional staff. This is a good opportunity for users to learn about future enhancements and product direction.

We invite you to submit technical papers representing various industries including: automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial manufacturing, marine engineering, biomedical, etc. Please email a brief abstract to vladimir@vrand.com before February 29, 2008.

Visit the conference website to view the entire conference program, full call for papers and obtain information on travel/lodging etc.

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