GTAM/GSAM v16.0 Release


Vanderplaats R&D is excited to announce the release of our latest version of GTAM v16.0 and GSAM v16.0. Below are some of the highlights/features in this new release. Also included are the highlights of GENESIS v16.0 which are supported in GTAM/GSAM.

GSAM v16.0 Release.png

GTAM/GSAM v16.0 Highlights:

  • Genesis v16.0 Compatibility: Enhanced to handle new features of GENESIS v16.0

  • Topology Optimization with thermal and thermo-mechanical coupled systems

  • Use of ANSYS Eigen Solver for Modal, Harmonic and Random Vibrations (EES)

  • Support for ANSYS Superelement

  • Support for ANSYS RSM

  • Standalone Equivalent Static Loads (ESL) method for ANSYS

Genesis v16.0 Highlights:

  • Heat Transfer Topology Optimization

  • New Fabrication Constraints for Topology: Casting without holes

  • Updated DOT Optimizer: GENESIS now uses DOT 7.2 which is the latest version of the DOT optimizer.

  • Enhancements with Contact Analysis

  • Enhanced Super Elements

  • Improvements in Performance

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