New Software Releases - GENESIS and Design Studio v15.0 along with the updated GENESIS extension for ANSYS Mechanical


Vanderplaats R&D is excited to announce the release of our latest version of GENESIS v15.0 and its graphical interface Design Studio for GENESIS v15.0, as well as our GENESIS Structural Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical. Below are some of the highlights/features in this new release.


Genesis v15.0 Highlights:

  • Cloning of the topology design across multiple regions

  • New Fabrication Constraints for Topology: Periodic patterns

  • Updated DOT Optimizer: GENESIS now uses DOT 7.0 which is the latest version of the DOT optimizer.

  • Bolt Pretension Analysis is supported to facilitate nonlinear contact analysis using bolt preloading.
  • GENESIS now has the ability to load and run custom program instructions during the GENESIS simulation. This capability gives powerful controls to the user, with the possibility of changing the behavior of the program and/or changing values of internal parameters and/or arrays as the program runs.

  • External eigensolvers can now be coupled with GENESIS for eigenvalue analysis

  • Point to surface glue connection

  • Glue connection for heat transfer analysis

  • Nonstructural mass can now be added by element

  • Automatic Dependent DOF Selection on MPC and rigid elements to avoid creating repeated dependent degrees of freedom.

  • Reduced Output Size with default compression

  • Improvements in Performance

Design Studio v15.0 Highlights:

  • Genesis 15.0 Compatibility: Enhanced to handle all the new capabilities of GENESIS v15.0

  • Dynamic Grid/Element/Group Lookup. Now all grid/element/group selection panels have the option to dynamically lookup and display the ID of the grid/element/group under the mouse.

  • RBE2 elements can be converted into RBE3 elements and vice versa.

  • Compressed File Import. To support the new compressed OUTPUT2 files produced by GENESIS, Design Studio now has the ability to open/import these compressed files.

  • Multiple assemblies can be selected in the assembly panel

  • Show/hide element panel now includes a feature/button to show the connected elements to the currently shown ones

  • Enhanced grid highlighting to make the selection more visible

GENESIS Structural Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical v15.0 Highlights:

  • Enhanced capabilities to handle the new features of GENESIS v15.0

  • Support for optimization using the ANSYS RSM tools

  • Addition of a free Design Studio for GENESIS viewer to post-process intermediate optimization results easily

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