Upcoming webinar on the GSAM: Structural Optimization beyond topology within the ANSYS environment


Vanderplaats R&D

VR&D 2015 Webinar Series

Large Scale Structural Optimization within ANSYS Workbench

by Mr. Juan Pablo Leiva



The webinar introduces VR&D's newest offering GENESIS Structural optimization for ANSYS Mechanical (GSAM). GSAM is an integrated extension within ANSYS workbench that adds several large-scale optimization capabilities (like topology, topometry. topography, freeform) to the ANSYS Environment. With the extension, users can setup the optimization problem, optimize, post-processing, export optimized geometry all within ANSYS environment. GSAM uses the capability of GENESIS, a structural optimization program with a proven track record for solving large scale optimization problems efficiently. The webinar will offer a brief overview of GENESIS, the different types of optimizations available and describes, the setup and solving of an optimization problem. GSAM is a superset of GTAM which is also an integrated extension to ANSYS dedicated to topology optimization.


Webinar information will be emailed to registered recipients. Due to limited availability early registration is encouraged.

Thursday December 10, 2015

11:00AM New York (GMT-0400)

04:00PM London (GMT+0100)

05:00PM Paris (GMT+0200)

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1 Hour

About the Speaker

Mr. Juan Pablo Leiva has served as Primary Developer, GENESIS Program Manager, and is now the President and COO of Vanderplaats R&D.

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