VisualDOC 6.1.1 Released


VisualDOC 6.1.1 and its companion VisualScript 6.1.1 have been released. CD-ROMs will soon be shipped out to current clients. Contact VR&D for instructions on how to download the new version if you don't want to wait for the CD.

New features and enhancements include:

  • Automatic Backup of Original Input/Output Files in VisualScript
    The security of original input and output files when using VisualScript for process integration has been enhanced. VisualScript will automatically create a backup of the original input and output files and use these files when a previously created project is opened or when a new project is created. While the original files are modified during the optimization process, users will now have access to their original problem definitions in the backed-up files.
  • Backup of Intermediate Input/Output Files Used in VisualScript
    Users can now select an option that would backup the input and corresponding output files that are used for all design points within the optimization process. This allows the user to revisit all points evaluated in the optimization process at a later time as well as have access to all completed analyses in the event the task run is prematurely terminated.
  • VisualScript Generated Python File for International Language OS
    Python files generated by VisualScript resulted in an error when used on international language OS. This error pertained to the format of the date written in the python file. This error has now been fixed and works on operating systems in all languages.
  • Improved Handling of Pass/Fail Feature for Responses
    The use of responses as Pass/Fail has been enhanced, especially for RSA optimization. With these enhancements, Users can now use Pass/Fail responses more efficiently for wide variety of problems.
  • Using DOE Approximations from Previous Tasks as Analysis
    This new feature enables users to further exploit VisualDOC's DOE capabilities. Approximations created by DOE tasks can now be directly used as analyses in new design optimization tasks. This enables eliminates the need for users to create Synthetic functions and attach previously created approximations to these synthetic functions.
  • Improved Design Optimization Run Monitoring
    The default setting when running a task in VisualDOC will now display the number of points analyzed for optimization tasks or the number of points created for DOE tasks. This provides additional feedback to the user when a task is running. Instead of displaying the task information, users can choose to display the output from the command prompt of the analysis run by selecting the check box within the Run Task window.
  • Designating Input in VisualScript as an Integer
    Users can now set the modified inputs within VisualScript to be integers. This will ensure that during the optimization process, integers within the input files are written as integers and not in floating point notation.
  • Enhanced Examples and Documentation
    VisualDOC 6.1.1 comes with completely new documentation. The new User’s Manual, Getting Started Manual and Advanced Examples Manuals along with new examples will allow new users to get easily started with VisualDOC. Additionally, VisualDOC 6.1.1 has updated the online context help.

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