New Features in DOT Version 5.0

DOTTM Version 5 represents a significant expansion and enhancement of Versions 4.x. Following is a partial list of enhancements contained in Version 5.0.

  • A few minor bugs have been removed to make the basic optimization capability more robust. We have solved thousands of optimization problems in our quest to make DOT as robust as possible
  • Significant enhancements have been made to the Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) algorithm (METHOD=3) to improve efficiency and robustness. We have made major changes in the memory allocation routines to allow for the solution of larger problems.
  • The subroutine DOT510, which estimates memory requirements, has been greatly expanded. Now DOT510 provides minimum, desired and maximum memory needs. The interactive program, DTSTOR, includes this new information.
  • If NRWK is input to DOT and contains more storage than the "desired" amount, the additional storage will be allocated to gradient storage and direction-finding calculations.
  • If the number of active and violated constraints exceeds available memory, DOT will reduce the retained set and attempt to continue with the optimization process.
  • Estimates of the Lagrange multipliers are now provided at the end of the optimization. These are stored in the first NCON locations of the WK array.

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