Multidiscipline Design Optimization Textbook


VR&D is offering a new optimization textbook written by Dr. Garret Vanderplaats, titled Multidiscipline Design Optimization. This eminently readable book is an updated version of his textbook titled Numerical Optimization Techniques for Engineering Design, which is widely used in both academic and industrial environments. This hard bound volume includes download instructions for free trial versions of VR&D software.

"The concept of optimization is intrinsically tied to humanity's desire to excel. Though we may not consciously recognize it and though the optimization process takes different forms in different fields of endeavor, this drive to do better than before consumes much of our energy, whether we are athletes, artists, business-persons, or engineers. The field we are concerned with is that of engineering and, while the emphasis here is on mechanical, aeronautical, automotive and civil engineering, this is by no means the limit of applicability; it simply reflects my own experience and interest."

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