Advanced GENESIS Capabilities Course

This course gives the students an introduction to some of the advanced features of GENESIS. Students will learn how to use GENESIS for frequency response optimization, composite optimization, and utilizing user supplied subroutines. Along with these topics, the beta method and the use of superelements are discussed. During the class, students are exposed to industrial applications and examples.


  • Basic knowledge of finite element analysis
  • Basic knowledge of optimization

Class Topics

  • Optimization based on frequency response
  • Basic composite optimization
  • Superelement reduction using Craig-Bampton modes
  • Beta method to solve min-max optimization problems
  • Use of Design Studio for pre- and post-processing the course topics

Class Style

  • The instructor will present teaching material and solve examples
  • Hands-on exercises will be solved by the students assisted by instructor
  • 1 day
  • One student per computer


  • The class will be taught by experts in optimization


  • Novi, Michigan
  • On site

Class Time

  • Class begins at 8:30am

Advanced GENESIS Capabilities.pdf (214.89 KB)

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